Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will answer to the most common questions asked by the visitos of Pamir. If you could not find the answer to your question, please contact us.

Visa-on-arrival is availbel to the citizens of some countries only

Since 2021 Tajikistan announced visa free regime for more than 52 countries so you can check more details info on tajikistan MFA website ( So if you are on that list & you planning to visit GBAO then go to OVIR office below you can find their adress and phone contacts: In OVIR they will ask you to write letter, pay to them directly with slightly extra or go to the near bank (AMONATBANK) 50 meters walk in the same street and bring the receipt (25 somoni). If you want to get GBAO permission ergently then the best way to pay them directly in OVIR (50 somoni) and they will prepare it within three or four hours. 

Another option for obtaining GBAO permission is if you apply for e-visa (, then there is section where it ask you weather you need GBAO permission or not if you click on Yes, then you will be charged around 50 dollars (30$ for the e-visa and 20$ for the GBAO permission).


The last option for obtaining GBAO permision is if you apply to the embassy ( where they can put stamp there in your passport. Although not all Tajikistan embassy put this stamp in your passport but before going there better apply to this link it will save your time to follow up the application procedures.


To get to Pamir, there is only by car, airport is not functioning since 2015 due to bankrupcy of national airline, so in case if you are in tight budget then first option is in Dushanbe there is (Aftakalnona 2729) which is located in Nazarshoev 149 st, tellephone +992918 56 7770, you can go there early morning to catch local taxi ( Landcruiser ), if you go late morning then it will be problematic to find any taxi as they leave earlier due to long drive straght to Khorog. Its 620km with 12 hours net drive with 1/2 hours stop.

How it works: 

Local taxi will take 7/8 people and price varies from 400/450 somoni. There earlier you get there the better seat you will get in the car, and the best seat is in the middle and front seat.